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A Fellow Fellow: Fellows: The Core of VFA


After graduating and heading back to Colorado for 3 weeks I was able to relax and enjoy an environment that required very little from me. I was able to get back in shape, spend time with family and friends, and reflect on my collegiate experience. However, once VFA bootcamp began two weeks…


The Morning Minute with Billy And Brian is a morning talk show that provides a brief spotlight on each Venture for America Fellow.  Episode 6 features Durham native and UNC alum, Jude Stanion.  #vfabootcamp #billandbrian

Richard Florida on Detroit

Great videos with Richard Florida (author of Rise of the Creative Class) on Detroit:

1  http://www.theatlanticcities.com/jobs-and-economy/2012/05/detroit-rising-part-1-state-detroit/2009/





It’s our Millenium

Here’s a great piece from The Atlantic highlighting some of the country’s youngest mayor’s : 


I think it’s human nature to bemoan the degeneration of youth. Maybe my experience is not unique, but I’m tired of hearing my elders mock my emerging generation. We are living in the threshold of a global comprehensive overhaul. It will be my generation (the Millenials) who will lead the world over it. The last generation set the stage, but we grew up on the stage, and we are ready to tear it apart.

Hands in, America.

Hands in, America.